n°6 > Lago di Tenno

The path begins in Riva del Garda, taking the Via Pernone and turning left at the bottom on the state road for Tenno before coming to the Varone waterfalls. About 200 metres after the spectacular ravine, just near the sign-post for Gavazzo, a surfaced road to the left climbs up to the village of Cologna before joining the S.S. 421; after following the state road for 600 metres turn off at the first anti-clockwise bend for the Volta di Ṇ. After 100 metres, turn left, following the wooden and yellow signpost of the “Strada Pil Tenno”. Here the dirt track, which later becomes a cobbled path, runs parallel to the state road below, as far as the town of Tenno, while on the left cyclists can enjoy the constant, magnificent view of Riva del Garda and the lake. 100 metres after joining the state road the path leaves it once more immediately after the bend below the castle. Go right through the town of Tenno with its narrow streets paved in porphyry as far as the crossing back over the S.S. 421 where, on the left, a new dirt track leads straight to Ville del Monte. Follow the wooden tourist sign-posts toward the vicinity of the Hotel Cristina. A minor road leads, after less than a kilometre, to lake Tenno, passing a cross-roads to which one finally returns after an obligatory visit to the lake where in the Summer months a dip in the blue, inviting water is an absolute must. Remember however, that the local council does not allow cycling on the paths around the shores of the lake.
After coming back to the cobbled cross-roads, carry on to the left and go through the delightful medieval village of Canale, leaving all the little streets on the left before finally coming out diectly on the provincial road which after 200 metres leads to the village of Calvola (642 m. A.S.L.).
Near the fountain, follow the steep cobbled road, paying no attention to the turnings on the right; after about 1 kilometre the path comes out above Tenno near a hairpin bend on the S.S. 421 state road. Carry on to the left along the dirt track, then surfaced road, which after about 2 kilometres comes out on the S.S. 421 at the bend for the Volta di Ṇ. Turn left again along a widing path, initially surfaced before becoming a dirt track, then cemented and finally cobbled, which leads to the village of Varignano, from where a right turn-off leads to the Santuario delle Grazie, Ceole, Varone and finally, to the Via Pernone and back to Riva del Garda.


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