n°4> Doss Casìna

From  the town square in Torbole, take the road uphill towards the Busatte activity park. Follow the cobbled path in the Santa Lucia valley as far as the junction with the Mount Baldo road which climbs up on the right with steep hairpin bends leadings up to Malga Zures. Here the path follows the visible tracks of the first world war defence lines and levels out for a while before the steep climb up to Malga Casina. At the right-hand bend, (just before Dos Remit), take the forest path on the left which goes north around the peak and then down towards the Brentegana road. After crossing the Val Grande a steep winding path leads down on the left towards Malga Rigotti and Maso Cauril, ending up on the state road in the vicinity of a farmhouse. Take the road on the left towards Riva del Garda and half way up the brief climb to Passo San Giovanni, turn left towards “Mala”. After passing through Mala, carry on for a brief stretch past the sports field and then turn left onto a country road which leads throught the vineyards towards Nago.
ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: MONTE CORNO. North of Nago, a narrow, surfaced road climbs towards the crumbling layers of Mounts Brugnolo and Creino. 300 metres after the Hotel Continental Nago a very steep climb leads up to Campedello on the left (which at times becomes a veritable “wall” making it imperative to use the lowest gears). After coming to the first meadows and pastures of Corno, cyclists are rewarded with a magnificent view. To the left of the first stone house after the climb, a flat stretch of road leads to a junction sign posted Creino-Santa Barbara; at the next junction turn right, back onto the arduous mule track, at times surfaced, at times not. As the path gets easier, turn left on the path which goes downwards, gradually becoming wider before joining the road for Corno. From here, at the clockwise curve before the cross-bar, take the forest road on the left which climbs gently and after just a few minutes, goes down again before coming out on the “Maza” state road (S.S. 240) opposite a rubbish tip.
Follow the state road for 2 kilometres as far as Nago.


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