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From Via Pernone in Riva del Garda, follow the road as far as the Varone water-fall where an easy route on the right leads gradually up through splendid olive groves dotted around the valley of Arco and on through the ancient villages of Ceole, Varignano and Vigne. Here it joins up with a difficult though brief climb up to the little church of Santa Maria di Laghel.
From here the path leads left through woods and scattered boulders as far as the descent down a technical path, at times almost non-existent, which comes out near the Roman bridge at Ceniga. After crossing the bridge, the path comes to the state road which leads to Arco through the plum orchards and the country villages of San Martino and Massone. From behind the stadium of Arco, take the splendid cycling path which skirts the river Sarca as far as Linfano; next cross the state road S.S. 240, go as far as the mouth of the Sarca and from here follow the promenade of the same name until you reach the lakeside at Riva del Garda, thus completing one of the easiest and most relaxing of all the cycling paths.


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