The ’Sentiero delle Tracce’ Tracks trail in Tremosine

"Sentiero delle tracce", the Tracks Trail, is a nature trail that winds through the Gardesana Occidentale regional forest, in the community of Tremosine, which is a striking, wild setting along the eastern side of Mount Caplone.
Besides its breathtaking panoramas, the trail offers visitors a chance to observe the tracks left by the local fauna. There are not just tracks left on mud or the snow, but also nests, feathers, droppings, claw marks, stripped bark, the remains of food, burrows, eggshell fragments, exuviae (sloughed skins), spider webs and shells. To hone one’s observational skills, there are several info points along the trail that make the excursion even more interesting.
The recommended route takes you uphill from the Malga Negrini farmstead to Malga Lorina farmstead. The 5 km long trail, which covers a rise of 650 m, is 5 km long and takes about 3 hours to complete. The best time of year for the trail is in spring and fall; there is a risk of ice in winter.

Access with vehicles to San Michele
At the crossroads of Polzone, the village on the provincial road between Vesio di Tremosine and Prabione di Tignale, take the unpaved road for San Michele and the Tremalzo Pass. After 4 km, you will reach a flooded area; you can park near the small bridge that crosses the stream.

The itinerary
As soon as you cross the bridge, turn left at the intersection onto the wide mule track of Val Negrini, which leads to the Malga Negrini farmstead (748 m. - h. 1). Here a granite rock imbedded in the ground marks the spot where the Sentiero delle Tracce, the Tracks Trail, begins. The signage is very accurate, and there are many info panels along the trail that explain the local flora and fauna. The trail zigzags up the mountainside, and the climb gradually becomes steeper along the way. You’ll pass two wide, characteristic recesses (cùen in the local dialect) and the torrent ravine. The trail makes wide curves through the woods and exits onto the meadows of the Malga Lorina farmstead (1,384 m. h 2 - 3.5). In the summer, the farm is inhabited and open for refreshments.

The return to San Michele
From Malga Lorina take the mule track downhill. After you pass the fountain, turn right at the intersection and head downhill to San Michele (h. 2.00 - h. 5.5). The ancient hermitage church, now run by the Franciscan monks, is also worth visiting.

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