From Grdola to Passo dEre

Departure: Grdola (m. 567)
Arrival: Grdola (m. 567)
Total difference in height (round trip): 1,140 m.
Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: ( E ) Excursionist. Itineraries on trails or tracks, usually marked and sometimes long, with exposed but well-protected sections. These routes require some experience and training.
Period: all year
Map: Kompass K102
Access: from State road S.S. 45 bis to Tignale along the province road n. 38; Grdola; parking.

Leave your car in the oil factory parking lot, then take the XXIV Maggio and San Lorenzo roads, crossing the town of Olzano. After passing the "Il camino" restaurant and the "Sunclass bungalows" resort, youll reach a panoramic spot over the lake (25 minutes). Turn right on an unpaved road (trail 245 - gi 5) that zigzags up the Gumr hill. At the junction, head left and proceed along a fence. Youll meet up again with the asphalt road for Piemp (15 min). After 200 m. youll reach the Bosco fountain and, bearing right, the homes of Bsco de sra.
At the intersection (10 min), bear left (trail nr. 258) on the trail that borders the Terzanch fauna area that belongs to the Regional Forestry, and proceed to Fornaci. Passing several barns, proceed to Furns de dter and Val dela gra, where the road ascends slightly with two bends. In the next three intersections, take the road to the left, then the road to the right (15 minutes), and then, as the road ascends, the road to the right.
The road, lined by pine trees, levels out, borders the meadow of Terre Bianche, then ascends, traveling next to the high voltage pylon nr. 291. Bear right and after about 100 meters, youll leave the mule trail near the stone marker of A.S.D.F. (make sure the nr. 258 is on the back!). Here youll take the trail to the right that climbs up Mount Monte Segble, crosses the pine grove and after a long stretch, meets up (55 minutes) with the unpaved mule trail coming from Cima Piemp. Turn left onto the trail: after descending along the trail for about 50 meters, youll reach Passo dEre (1,131), a well-marked crossroads for several inland excursions.
In one direction, the trail leads to Pria, Scarpap and Ca di Natone, or Cadria (trail nr. 69-68) or Cima Rest (trail nr. 69), in the other, it crosses the Colomba Pass (1,109 m), via Bocca Paolone (953 m), then proceeds to Valvestino or Costa and Gargnano.
Take trail nr. 259, which descends sharply, leading to a crossroads (15 min.): to the left is the trail that meets up with 258, to the right is a road with barrier that leads to the Visne and the continuance of 259 which youll take to the Lun home (15 min). Turn right, following the signs at the base of the trunk of a huge beech tree. You circle the valley, and when you reach the junction, turn right. Youll walk up to the small pond in front of the meadow and the home of Gas (10 minutes), dominated by the peaks of the Visne.
Turning left and crossing the meadow, after a few hundred meters youll reach a bush-lined pasture. In the front is the imposing Mount Monte Denervo, and on the right is a hunting lodge. Follow the descending road, at times paved with cement. Youll see the meadows and homes of Pal (25 min.). Youll continue your descent, passing the stream in the Valley of Nota, bordering the meadows and the farm of Pasne. Youll reach the source of the river of Cel (25 min). After a few meters, youll find yourself on the Vione road that to the right heads to Passo Fobia, the Nangui malga (or ngoi) and Bocca Paolone and to the left descends towards the homes of Tignale.
You continue your descent to the junction of Pozze and turn left on trail 251 along the plains of Vi and Val de Pres: Aer is 3 km away. Leaving to your right the connection with trail nr. 265 "B.V.G. - Sentiero Montagnoli" (this could be an interesting alternative that is not easy in the first stretch, for people who want to reach Aer along the "Via dei cani"), youll pass the bridges of Val de Pres and Val de Pa. Crossing a chestnut grove, youll reach Aer (1 hr. 25 min.). Youll meet up with the asphalt road and proceed to Gardola, to the parking lot of the point of departure (30 min.).

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