Limone sul Garda : From Limone to the ’Bonaventura Segala’ Chalet

Departure: Limone sul Garda (65 m.)
Arrival: Limone sul Garda (65 m.)
Total difference in height (round trip): 2,300 m.
Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: ( E ) Excursionist. Itineraries on trails or tracks, usually marked and sometimes long, with exposed but well-protected sections. These routes require some experience and training.
Period: all year
Map: Kompass n. 071, 096, 101, 102 e 690
Access: along State road S.S. n. 45 bis, from Riva del Garda or from Gargnano, to Limone sul Garda; parking.

Lake Garda’s alpine and excursionist refuges - From Limone to the ’Bonaventura Segala’ Chalet
The excursion starts out from the bus station at the Turista bar. Take Caldogno and Milanese streets. Once you pass the small bridge of the San Giovanni stream, you walk up the steep cobblestone mule trail that runs through the Valley of Sìngol, following itinerary 101. There are many rivers and streams in the first stretch, and each valley has the characteristic calchére constructions once used to extract lime. Leaving the river behind you, the road becomes steeper. After the three bends of the Murél, you’ll enjoy the beautiful panorama overlooking the valley, closed to the north by the Preàls, Corna Vecchia and Traversole mountains.
You’ll reach a junction (60 min.) with a sign for "Baita Bonaventura Segala". The trail continues right below the Mughéra peak (1,161 m), where a hill (50 min.) repays the effort with an extraordinary panorama: the village and olive grove of Limone, the hills of Tremosine, the lake all the way to Punta San Vigilio and Sirmione, the morainic hills and, on clearer days, even the Apennines.
Once you reach the CAI-SAT mule trail n. 422, bear left. Passing the remains of military outposts from World War I, you’ll reach the Bocca Guìl (1,210; 20 min.), where you’ll meet up with trail nr. 421 that comes from Leano and leads to Fortini, where the "Segala" chalet is located (1,215 m.; 40 min.). There is a shelter near the chalet for four persons. Beverages are also available. For the return trip to Limone (two more hours), we recommend taking trail nr. 104 that starts out from the chalet and travels downhill until it reaches trails 118, 103 and 101 along the Valley of Sìngol, where it continues uphill for a stretch.

"Bonaventura Segala"
Located in Fortini, in the mountainous hinterland of the town of Limone sul Garda, at an altitude of 1,215 m, it has 4 beds and is open all year round thanks to the A.N.A. Group of Limone sul Garda. Water and wine are always available. For information: Capo-Gruppo A.N.A. Aldo Girardi (tel. 0365.954016).

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