To Monte Castello of Gaino

Departure: Forněco (207 m.)
Arrival: Forněco (207 m.)
Total difference in height (round trip): 1.346 m.
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: E = Excursionist. Itineraries on trails or tracks, usually marked and sometimes long, with exposed but well-protected sections. These routes require some experience and training.
Period: all year
Map: Kompass n. 102
Access: from Bogliaco, a district of Gargnano, on State road S.S. 45 bis, by car to Forněco; parking.

From the square of Bogliaco, you head south, bearing right near a portico on trail nr. 41. The trail climbs through farmland to the village of Sostaga, at an altitude of 530. You’ll proceed along trail nr. 21. Leaving Villa Lena to your right and the path for Gaino to your left, head straight into the woods. Follow the trail as it gradually climbs beneath the rocks of Monte Castello until you reach a fork in the road at an altitude of 789 meters, with another trail for Gaino, which you’ll take on your return trip (1 hr. 30 min).
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