From Campione to Pieve di Tremosine

Info Departure: Campione (m. 74 s.l.)
Arrival: Campione (m. 74 s.l.)
Total difference in height (round trip): 680 m.
Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: ( E ) Excursionist. Itineraries on trails or tracks, usually marked and sometimes long, with exposed but well-protected sections. These routes require some experience and training.
Period: all year
Map: Kompass n. 071, 101 e 690
Access: from State road S.S. 45 bis for Campione, between Limone and Gargnano; parking.

Starting out from Piazza F. Arrighini, take Via G. Pascoli. Beyond the soccer field, take the abandoned stretch of the Gardesana road. Passing the two tunnels, keep left along the road that passes below the waterfall of the Lesine river and gently ascends to the Province road nr. 38 (20 min). The road ascends for 200 meters, then you arrive at a tunnel entrance. Bear right and take the old trail, where you値l find the attractive sign "Benvenuti a Tremosine" (Welcome to Tremosine). Proceed until you encounter trail nr. 201 (10 min.) that connects the port (visible below) with the homes of the regional capital up above. Once you pass the rocks of a rockslide, you値l see that the road turns into an unpaved road. You値l pass the vertical shelf running along a rocky crag, then you値l meet up with a small cavern with a statue of the Madonna. A short distance after, you値l have reached the summit (413 m, 40 min.).
Once you池e on Viale Europa, you値l proceed to the point of the former city hall and the schools, where you have two options:
a) - take the Provincial "Arias" road and when you reach Pregasio (478 m), near the San Marco church, take Via Lo on the left, which coincides with trail 267 of the Bassa Via del Garda;
b) - take Via Vagne, following trail nr. 202 on the side of the church oratory, and descend until you reach the gate of a private home that blocks the road, then take the trail that borders the fence, pass through the chestnut grove and exit on Via Lo.
Take the easily accessible mule trail where the itinerary meets up once again, and proceed to an isolated hay barn surrounded by olive trees (1 hour). A panoramic trail that in some sections was literally dug out of the rock leads to the San Michele ravine, which you cross by way of a metal bridge. Bearing left, follow trail nr. 267 amidst the nets. You値l go through the cramped tunnel (bring a flashlight!), and reach the piazza in Campione (about 3 hours).
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