Salo’ - San Bartolomeo

Zone: Salò - Roè Volciano
Access: Gardesana occidentale 45 bis road
Departure: Salò, along the Gardesana road, from the parking lot near the junction for S.Michele
Length: 14.00 km
Maximum altitude: 647 m
Difference in altitude: 557 m
Time: 1 hr 30 min. - 2 hr 30 min.
Bikeability: total
Beauty: ***
Difficulty: average difficulty
Base: in the hamlets of Serniga and Gazzane.
Note: The first part, which is very difficult, can be avoided by starting out at the junction for S. Michele.

The itinerary starts slightly before Salò, near the junction of the state road for S. Michele. The first stretch is on the Gardesana road heading to Brescia. Beware of the traffic. After 0,5 km, take the second road to your right and travel the steep S. Bartolomeo road. The steep incline on the cement road forces the rider to use lower speeds: this is a tough start for muscles that are still not warmed up. Further up, bear right and do not take the private road that goes straight. Once you’re back on the asphalt road, you keep climbing, riding past several homes and take the wider road. At the intersection you go straight along the cobblestone road, which requires more physical exertion. Finally, the road is less steep and opens onto the town road for S. Michele, near the
1) rest area that overlooks the gulf of Salò. The itinerary continues on the road. At the first intersection, go straight for Serniga. The stretch leads to a plateau with meadow. At this point, take the unsurfaced road on the left to Serniga. Once in the village, take the first road to the left, then the next right. You’ll arrive at the church where you’ll travel along the old trail that flanks the soccer field and travels through the thick vegetation. In some places the old road is narrow and difficult to pass. You’ll end up in a meadow near a hut. Further on, take the asphalted road that climbs to the
2) sanctuary. The itinerary continues along the unpaved road on the right that starts to climb. You’ll reach the
3) highest point near a house with cement road. The cement road quickly descends to Val Sabbia. Turn left at the church. You’ll enter
4) Gazzane, a neighborhood of Roè Volciano. Follow signs for Salò. Once you reach the Gardesana road, you’ll return to the point of departure.

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