Route Brescia - Pozzolengo - Desenzano (Stretch 1)

I° stretch Mazzano - Desenzano 
Lenght: Km 19
Time: 1 hr 30 min 
Kind of bike: City bike, street, hybrid, Mtb
Difficulty: easy

Taken the path at Virle Treponti in a few kilometers (km) we meet with that which comes from Brescia. It continues in the direction of Salò until you cross the road connecting Mazzano to Molinetto. Going towards the county of Pontenove in Bedizzole, we take what for centuries was a major Roman roads, the route Emila Gallica, which connected Burdigola (Bordeaux) with Constantinople. In the hamlet of Pontenove in Bedizzole, cross the beautiful stone bridge with the back of donkey, with the central chapel built in the eighteenth century.


Route Brescia - Pozzolengo - Desenzano (Stretch 2)

II° stretch Desenzano - Pozzolengo 
Lenght: Km 15,6
Time: 1 hr 30 min 
Kind of bike: City bike, street, hybrid, Mtb
Difficulty: fairly easy

From the roundabout take to Verona and then immediately right: the cycle path follows Mezzocolle until underpassing the railway bridge. Here we must take a left uphill road that leads us quickly to the rail. If you parked next to the station, or you arrived by train, an underpass at the end of the road after the parking allows you to take the cycle from this point.


Route Lonato - Desenzano

Departure and arrival point: Esenta di Lonato.
How to get there: From Brescia take the Padana Superiore state road to Desenzano.
Lenght: 29 km
Route: Fairly easy, for bicycles with sturdy tyres.

Churches, building and sanctuaries From the hamlet of Esenta di Lonato you go down Via Damiano Chiesa, proceeding in the first stretch along the boundary with the province of Mantova.


Routes of Desenzano

The cycle path through the morainic hills in the territory of Desenzano del Garda is articulated through routes that develop from the railway station to S. Zeno of Rivoltella, until the hill of St. Martino and, at along districts Selve, Locustione, Cavagnino, Court of Giglio, Vaccarolo.


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