Tremosine sul Garda

Population: 2.109
Elevation: min 65 - max 1976 m
Area: 72.40 Km▓
Province: Brescia
Zip code: 25010

This town has 18 hamlets: one on the Riviera and the others scattered along the rolling highlands or perched on the breathtakingly beautiful hills overlooking the entire Lake Garda area. Tremosine, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, typifies its character (over 70 km) because it has all the natural, scenic, and environmental assets of a protected, natural preserve. The tallest mountains of the park are reflected in the blue waters of Lake Garda and create incomparable views. Nestled between the mountain and the lake is the verdant plateau of Tremosine, an unspoiled natural oasis that delights the spirit. Imposing Mount Baldo rises on the opposite side of the lake. A breathtaking road runs along the deep ravine of the Brasa River: in some sections it is dug out of the rock while in others it extends over sheer cliffs. This unique setting offers not only a vast assortment of food and wine, but also offers countless sports activities such as hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. More intrepid athletes can go mountain climbing and rafting down the Brasa River gorge. But Tremosine is not just mountains. The picturesque village of Campione del Garda, the only hamlet on the lake, sits on a narrow strip of lakeside land. Thanks to its perennially breezy weather, it is a paradise for wind-surfing and sailing. Local cuisine combines Mediterranean and Alpine flavors: from fresh-water fish and wild game to the famous extra-virgin olive oil of Lake Garda, costly black truffles, and also wines and cheese.

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