Population: 1.228
Elevation: 555 m s.l.m.
Area: 48.40 Km▓
Province: Brescia
Zip code: 25080

Situated on a verdant plateau with breathtaking views, terraces overlooking the lake, and fields cultivated with olive groves and fruit orchards, the municipality of Tignale has six villages, all between 500 and 600 meters in altitude (a.s.l.). The lake, hills, and mountains are typical of the local topography and offer enchanting scenes. On one side is the steep ravine of the S. Michele River, and on the other side are terraces cultivated with olive trees and stretching from Piovere to Oldesio. In the inland area are meadows, forests, and large valleys while on the lake, up against the rocky cliffs, there is a small port with the striking Prà del la Fam lemon house, now a museum where visitors can observe the various phases of the ancient technique of citrus fruit cultivation. Tignale has had an adventurous and often conflicting history because of the strategic importance of its location. Numerous military installations, some of which are in an excellent state of preservation, can still be seen today. After World War II the economy gradually shifted to one based on tourism, instead of the farming and husbandry economy of the past. This is an area of "ecotourism" that offers the opportunity to enjoy environmentally friendly sports such as sailing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and rafting. Among points of interest are the Museum and Visitors’ Center of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park and the Montecastello Sanctuary (the site of religious retreats) where a rocky peak affords a breathtaking view of the lower part of the lake and of Mount Baldo.

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