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SigurtÓ Garden Park - Valeggio sul Mincio

Destination for millions of enthusiasts, the Sigurtà Garden Park is a natural treasure on land that rises close to Lake Garda. In this corner of paradise centuries' old woods and lawns provide waves of flowers one after the other as the seasons unfold. 

Dating from 1400, in the year 2018 the Garden celebrates forty years its gates have been open to the public, and it continues to be an ideal place for day out of fun and relaxation in close contact with nature.

Climb aboard the panoramic train for an exciting tour round the gardens, or find out all about the history and the curios of the park by taking the electric shuttle. If you are a sporting type, a bicycle trip could be ideal, or perhaps you would prefer a golf cart to visit every corner of this natural treasury in the greatestcomfort.

During your visit you will find five snack bars, an ice-cream parlour and a take away pizzeria: a chance to have a break and enjoy the food and beverages we offer, all fresh and of the highest quality.


The 2018 season will be full of surprises and new things:

there is a new park visiting option  for the exploration of this treasury set within the 600,000 square metres of the Park: the customary ways of touring the gardens include on foot, so as not to miss absolutely any spot in the Garden, aboard the panoramic train, for a 40 minute ride with audio commentary, renting an electric golf-cart for an autonomous and comfortable day out, a guided tour on the shuttle, to learn all about the secrets, the characteristics and the history of the Garden, and a regenerating cycle ride around the 10 kilometres of porphyry paved paths for the sporting and fitness oriented, whether on your own bike or on one rented from inside the Park. This year there is now the chance also to rent electrical bicycles (by Atala), which are particularly suitable for families and for older people, so that they can enjoy an easier and more comfortable way of getting to see all the beauties of the Park.

a sweet thought for all those in love: The Park is a very romantic location, with its breathtaking sunsets, its 18 ornamental ponds and lakes, filled with hundreds of daytime, nocturnal and tropical water lilies, and the many unforgettable and photogenic views all around the gardens. For these reasons many couples every year choose this park as their wedding location: for the civil ceremony, the blessing and for the wedding reception there are a number of places available and a range of settings and arrangements to make the wedding day as special a day as it can be. For the 2018 season, the Sigurtà Garden Park has decided to dedicate a special spot for couples: close to the Hermitage where there is a chance for a romantic moment against the backdrop of greenery, or to take a selfie on the lovers' bench among the fabulous roses, eternal symbols of love.

Two new things for Tulipanomania

Tulipanomania 2018 will be richer, more varied and colourful than ever with its extraordinary display of over a million tulips. With the hyacinths, muscari and narcissus, it has become the unmissable spring event of the Park, being the most important flower display of its kind in southern Europe. With the introduction of new varieties added to the 300 already present, bulbs have been planted in new areas of the Garden and in completely redesigned beds, including on the unforgettable floating beds in the Water Gardens. This spectacle of colour is at perfect for photographs in the months of March and April. Not to be missed, then, this year's Tulipanomania, which will offer visitors the chance to see the Friendship Tulip (Darwin Hybrid), a symbol of friendship between countries and official tulip of the Canadian World Tulip Summit 2018, and to discover the three tulip beds created by 150 children of the elementary schools of Valeggio sul Mincio, appointed by Count Giuseppe Sigurtà as official ambassadors of Tulipanomania. These young schoolchildren became gardeners for a day, planting in the ground the bulbs that will burst into multicoloured flower patterns with the first warm days of the year. 


The Sigurtà Garden Park has won many prizes over the years:

  • in the 2013 it was awarded the Italy's most beautiful Park Prize, from the
  • it was voted Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe by the European Garden Award 2015
  • in 2016 the magazine honoured the Park for its Tulipanomania, the fabulous flowering of over a million of tulips, the most important in Italy.
  • in the 2017 it was a candidate for the European prize for Ecological Gardening and took part in the World Tulip Summit held in Canada. 

Adults € 12,50
Children (5- 12 years) € 6,50
Children (0-4 years) Free
Persons over 65 € 10,00
Seriously disabled persons (with mediacl certificate) Free
Accompanying disabled person € 10,00



Via Cavour, 1
Tel: +39 045 6371033



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