Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. (Lombardy)

Among the food products of Europe recognised by the European Community as worthy of the DOP qualification (Denomination Origin Protected) is the olive oil from Lake Garda. There has been a flourishing and famous tradition of olive oil production on the shores of Lake Garda since antiquity, where it is produced at its most northerly point in the world thanks to the microclimate of this Lake.
These particular climatic conditions render the area almost always immune to those parasites of the olive which need much warmer temperatures for their reproductive cycle. This is indeed a prestigious oil, light and fruity, rich in chlorophyll, and sapid and harmonious to the taste. It gives balance and style to salads, brings out the taste of fish and meats and lends a quality of excellence to fried dishes.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Garda DOP is typified by the following characteristics of taste, appearance and perfume:

Colour: from marked to intense golden green, due to the high chlorophyll content;

Perfume: varying intensities of light fruitiness, with a sweet almond sensation.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Garda DOP is subject to periodic inspections by experts who carry out rigorous analysis of the samples taken at producers olive farms. Garda DOP olive oil certification is issued by the CSQA, a body set up by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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Extra virgin olive oil (Trentino)

The numerous olive qualities like, Casaliva, Favarol, Raza, Rossanel, autochtony qualities, that together with other more popular qualities are cultivated on the terraces and slopes in this Mediterranean corner, producing oil of great quality, green-gold coloured, a delicate fragrance with almond scents and a light and fruity taste.
There is no other place in the world at this latitude where olive oil is produced: for this reasons it received the recognition D.O.P. of the European Community.

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Extra virgin olive oil (Veneto)

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