Population: 7.147
Elevation: 65 s.l.m.
Area: 57,3 Kmq
Province: Verona
Zip code: 37011
Bardolino is situated on Lake Garda at the widest point half-way along the Verona side. Its mild climate allowsof the growth of typical Mediterranean plants: olives, cypresses, oleanders, laurels, and vineyards prosper on the hills which surround the centre, which stretches towards the lake with two characteristic projections, formed over the centuries by the two rivers. In recent decades tourism has developed to support the traditional farming economy. Bardolino boasts about sixty hotels with an overall total of 4000 beds. The typical local products of wine, oil and fish all go to create excellent traditional meals, which can be tasted in the hotels, refined restaurants and the numerous country inns.
Wine is the protagonist of many celebrations: in May the Feast of Bardolino Chiaretto (Clear Bardolino), in October the Feast of Grapes and of Bardolino wine, in November the Feast of Bardolino Novello (new Bardolino) and from the middle of September to the middle of October the Grapes therapy.
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