Fairy tale night: Sandokan

When: from 29/08/2019 to 01/09/2019
Resort: Riva del Garda

There is  a such summernight where Riva dresses itself with coloured  costumes to celebrate a fable that continues since decennia. The sky, the mountains, the lake, the streets and the people light up: they repeat the fairy tale in an environment so beautiful that it will  exceed the original fantasy.

The fable will be told through the entertainments in the historical centre during the four days of the event, which  is transformed and animated due to the giant scene-paintings representing the main characters and scenes of the fairy tale.

Theather performances, concerts, animation and guided routes with the costume characters, music and games.

Sunday night will light the firework to brighten the colours of Riva del Garda’s bay in a great spectacular




An unforgettable and breathtaking firework display on Sunday evening!
A journey into the fairy-tale
Opening ceremony
Food market

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