The hinterland of Toscolano and Gargnano

Departure and arrival point: The bridge on the Gardesana State Road between Maderno and Toscolano
How to get there: From Brescia along the Gardesana state road.
Lenght: 24 km
Route: Difficult, for mountain bikes; the Valle of paper Millo may be taken alone as a brief but interesting and simple excursion for normal bicycles.
To see: Maderno: the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea, now dedicated to S. Giovanni Battista, dating from the XII century, and the new parish church of Sant’Andrea; Toscolano: the parish church of Santi Pietro e Paolo featuring 22 large canvases of Celesti, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Benaco; Gargnano: the cloister of the Franciscan monastery with annexed church dating back to the end of the 14th century, the medieval church of San Giacomo and the magnificent Bettoni Villa at Bogliaco.

The valley of the paper mills and the views over Lake Garda Before entering the hinterland of Toscolano, you shall go on a brief visit (2.5 km) to the Valley of the paper mills next to the foaming Toscolano torrent, amid tunnels, bridges, the paper museum and old factory ruins. Picking up the road for Gaino once again, you are immediately faced with the steep climb which takes you to Pulciano; from here continue straight ahead at the first bend for Via Caronte and, after a brief stretch downhill,turn left at the first set of crossroads. We then pass through the beautiful hamlet of Cecina and subsequently skirt the Bogliaco golf course for a long stretch. Having passed the sign for San Giorgio, you reach the crossroads of the "cinque vie" ("five ways") and turn left for Roina. Having reached this small hamlet fairly quickly, proceed towards Fornico and from there to Zuino, thereby entering the municipal territory of Gargnano. From Zuino continue left at the first crossroads, tackling one kilometre of steep cement surfaced road, which links up with the road which leads to Valvestino. Having intersected the latter, turn left, cycling with less effort the two kilometres slightly up-hill which lead to Navazzo. Before entering the town, turn left in the direction of the cemetery passing in front of the church and then skirting the sports ground. At the first crossroads, turn left facing the last short uphill stretch of the route, and a little further on you will continue straight downhill. You then arrive at the fork in the road where you continue to the right, and at the subsequent stop sign, turn left towards Gaino. During the descent, you can stop off at the church of S. Michele which offers an excellent view of Lake Garda; from here, you continue to descend towards Toscolano.

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